WAXTax (Beta)

Get your WAX transactions in an easy to reconcile format.

IMPORTANT: We strongly recommend using the desktop version of WAXTax, as this web version has not scaled well with the increased number of transactions that most wallets do in the current times.

Enter your address and date range below, then click the "Submit" button. It is recommended not using a date in the last 7 days, as it can take the API endpoints some time to update.

The website will search for transactions and then collate them into a format that can be copied into a spreadsheet. The output includes date and time, block number, transaction ID, and WAX and USD values of the transactions. This may take a while depending on your date range and number of transactions, but "shouldn't" break. After the processing is complete, click "Copy" to copy the output to your clipboard.

Be aware that this script can only find one WAX transfer in a transaction. If there are multiple transfers, only the first is logged.

Transaction missing? Please log it here so we can investigate.

Enter your address and date range

WAX Address
Start Date (UTC)
End Date (UTC)

I recommend a month at a time, or a week at a time if you are a high trade volume account (or play any of the dApp games such as AlienWorlds)

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